Let’s Socialize!

Socialization as a Strategy for Climate Justice

March 15-17, 2024 at Werbellinsee

Whether Lützerath, field occupation,
Charité strike or mobility transition

The social and ecological struggles of recent years have shown that climate justice is always in conflict with private property relations. Instead of profit orientation, we need a democratic economy that is oriented towards the common good. Current debates indicate that socialization can be the right lever for this. But how do we get there?

With our conference “Let’s socialise – socialization as a strategy for climate justice”, we are specifically inviting pioneers of practice such as activists, trade unionists and scientists to design a radical practice of socialization that leads to a climate-just future. Together, we will develop various project ideas and campaigns aimed at democratic governance from below in the energy, agriculture, care work and mobility sectors. We look at past successes and defeats of socio-ecological struggles and invite various actors to network. By focusing on questions of practice and organizing, we are taking the current debates on socialization from the podiums to the streets and into the workplaces!

Whether you work in the fields or in hospital, organize to expropriate coal companies or campaign for free public transport: Together, we want to learn from and with each other how to think and implement socialization as a practical utopia of lived solidarity for people and the planet.

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Highlights der Vergesellschaftungs-konferenz

Highlights der Vergesellschaftungs-konferenz

Vom 15.-17. März 2024 fand am Werbellinsee die zweite Vergesellschaftungskonferenz unter dem Motto: "Let's Socialize: Vergesellschaftung als Strategie für Klimagerechtigkeit". Über 300 Teilnehmende tauschten sich auf dem wunderschönen Gelände am See drei Tage intensiv...

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Let’s Socialize – jetzt anmelden!

Vergesellschaftung als Strategie für Klimagerechtigkeit Unter diesem Motto findet vom 15.-17. März 2024 in der Nähe von Eberswalde die zweite Vergesellschaftungskonferenz statt. Die Anmeldung ist ab sofort eröffnet! Ob Lützerath, Ackerbesetzung, Charité-Streik oder...

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