Democratic Energy Transition

Democratic energy transition instead of climate catastrophe – concepts and strategies for a climate-friendly energy supply for all

With the project “Democratic energy transition instead of climate catastrophe” , communia is developing strategies and concepts for a democratic, common good-oriented and ecological energy supply over a period of three years in close cooperation and on an equal footing with social movements. We are developing a long-term vision of a socialized energy sector in which the social and ecological production and distribution of energy is organized within the framework of public and democratic forms of ownership. To this end, we develop concrete starting points in the here and now.

Gastbeitrag: Vergesellschaftung von Energiekonzernen

Gastbeitrag: Vergesellschaftung von Energiekonzernen

Maximilian Becker schreibt über die Notwendigkeit und Chancen einer Vergesellschaftung von Energiekonzernen. Der Beitrag erschien zuerst auf dem OXI-Blog. Es braucht gesellschaftliche Kontrolle über unsere Energieversorgung, damit die Energiewende nicht länger zum...

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Contact persons

Project management: Justus Henze
Analysis and research: Max Wilken and Lemon Banhierl


2023 to 2026


This project is funded by the Open Society Foundation gGmbH in cooperation with the Open Society Foundations, as well as Movement Hub and Greengrants Foundation.